Cheap Jerseys Paypal Stephen R Smith - Statement of Faith

Together with my wife, we found god.  I remember because it was an Easter mass.  When we gave ourselves to Jesus, we held hands, looked at each other in the eyes and repeated the words in unison with the pastor.

This was the beginning, we found a church we liked and continued to go every Sunday, volunteering with the youth groups. Our youth pastor was our age so it was easy to get involved; the connection was further strengthened by music that is frequently heard in youth groups around the world.  With song like “Lord I put your name on High” and later groups like Jars of Clay inspired me further in the word of god.

We eventually moved and we found a local church that we got involved in and my involvement led to being sponsored to become a Youth Pastor myself.  I indeed though that was my purpose.  After some time I knew that being head dog in the youth ministries was not my calling, never really being good and quoting scripture or publically conducting a prayer . Playing guitar and singing was so much easier.  As time went on, the economies of the early nineties took me away from church and my family, with an out of state job.  This lasted for about a year. 

Upon my permanent return, my sponsoring pastor (Also my next door neighbor) retired, and moved on to Arizona. 

I quickly involved myself in music, forming a band that actually led me to a church where I found my lead guitar player, and a new church! Playing music in church was my current calling, along with my new guitar player in the band I just formed.  This lasted all but a short time as the church had to close its doors.

My relationship with any specific church has been a spotty one.  My relationship with God has been a personal one and one that remains true to my heart.  I have always felt that I’ve been guided by a divine angel.  I have put my faith in the lord Jesus more than once and continue to do so today.